i love music of all types! here i'll showcase some of my current favourite songs and classical pieces, you should check them out. check back here for new additions (if i remember)!


SCHOENBERG - VERKLĂ„RTE NACHT my all-time favourite piece! the harmonies and textures are otherworldly and full of emotion. unfortunately it seems to be the only good thing schoenberg ever wrote.

SHOSTAKOVICH - STRING QUARTET NO. 8 the whole thing is amazing, especially the 2nd and 3rd movements. nobody seems to capture the feelings of anxiety and despair like shostakovich. he wrote about it "i reflected that when i die it's not likely anyone will write a quartet dedicated to my memory, so i decided to write it myself."

RAVEL - STRING QUARTET imo probably the best string quartet ever written. it's just so lush and serene (mostly).

RAVEL - LA VALSE both the orchestral and piano versions are great. i love how its energetic harshness is interrupted by elegant waltzlike moments. it has a very neat sense of instability.

KREISLER/RACHMANINOFF - LIEBESLEID my favourite piano piece! named "love's sorrow", this piece has a very nostalgic, melancholy, bittersweet feeling.

BEETHOVEN - KREUTZER VIOLIN SONATA not much to say about this one, it just sounds nice and has a wide emotional range. i'd love to play it with someone one day!


BOY PABLO & CUCO - LA NOVELA a really nice spanish-language song! has a neat texture and wholesome lyrics.

LUCY DACUS - NIGHT SHIFT emotional song with varying intensities.

MIRACLE MUSICAL - HAWAII PT II not a song but an album. the whole album is amazing and unique, probably my favourite album ever. my favourites from it are 'isle unto thyself', 'white ball', 'stranded lullaby', and 'dream sweet in sea major'.

WILL WOOD - OUTLIARS AND HYPPOCRATES: A FUN FACT ABOUT APPLES will wood makes very...'interesting' music. this song is upbeat and just sounds really cool.

JOKER OUT - UMAZANE MISLI upbeat slovenian-language rock song. no clue what they're saying but i like the music lol.

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