hi! i have no clue what i'm gonna put on this website. i literally have zero ideas for this lol. i'll probably add some pages for music and images. probably wont do a blog, never been one to do those.

[ALERT!] this site is a heavy work in progress! i have no clue what direction it'll take, so it'll probably end up looking very different soon! [ALERT!]


|7 april, 2022| some flair
-hi again! i haven't made any drastic changes, but i've added some extra little graphics and music to give the page some character. trying to think of what kinds of pages i should add next.

|4 april, 2022| off to a good start!
-i've just added this section, so i suppose this will be the first update! the website is starting to take shape, and i think i'm getting more of an idea of the direction i want to take it. so far i've got a homepage and about me page. not sure what i'll add next. i just want to fix the blurry font though aghhhhh >:(

|30 march, 2022| website created!
-this is the day i created the website, starting from nothing! i didn't have an updates box yet so i'm adding this retroactively. it's been fun seeing other people's sites and the kinds of things that are popular, it seems there's neat kind of neocities culture :) can't wait to be a part of it!